Italian style tips and lifestyle stories.
By our Made-to-Measure Specialists.

Evento Senserini Loro Piana Tessuti
For us Made-to-Measure Specialists, a Loro Piana fabric is a guarantee. Their way of working the fibres, of managing the finishing or...
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Cappotto Su Misura sartoria italiana
The coat covers without hiding, it highlights the figure, and complete any outfit with elegance and determination...
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Maxi Quadro
Spring goes hand in hand with a new desire for boldness, especially when it comes to dressing. Who says business meetings and leisure time call for different dress codes? It is easy to look your best on all occasions, by just following a few simple rules.
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Abito Gessato
The pinstriped suit has always been the symbol of menswear tailoring. Less ostentatious than a striped suit, its name derives from the thin lines traced by the tailor...
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The Solaro is one of the most complex and luxurious fabrics of tailored menswear. The original version was in cotton, which evolved to, and has always...
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Smoking abito sposo su misura
Does an etiquette for wedding clothing exist? Of course, and it helps to create the right atmosphere for an unforgettable event. Discover our decalogue of good manners.
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Sartoria su misura bespoke
The double breasted jacket is ageless, but recognizes certain occasions. It is not recommended for a groom unless it’s a...
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