Cappotto Su Misura sartoria italiana

At least here in Italy, the temperatures have fallen, and nature blesses us with evocative color changes. In the wardrobe, that means just one thing: the return of the overcoat. Because while it’s true that the down jacket is nice, with light and colorful models, and democratic, the charm of an overcoat is unparalleled. The overcoat covers without hiding, it highlights the figure, and complete any outfit with elegance and determination.

What we want to explain now are the details that anyone can choose for a truly personalized coat:

  • LAPELS: there are notched and peaked lapel, like on jackets. And another type that we like to recommend is the trench model lapel,which softens the neckline with a face-framing effect.


  • BUTTONS: independent of the style and personal taste, there are visual rules for the choice between single- and double-breasted styles. The single-breasted style is an ideal choice for those who want to elongate and slim the figure. The double-breasted style, rather, is the choice for those who want to create a focal point in the button area, something that creates or emphasizes volume..


  • MARTINGALE: is a refined detail that we often recommend, whose value is more aesthetic than symbolic. This is an added volume in the back area that should be considered together with the Su Misura Specialist.

 These are some of the tips that we like to address in describing the overcoat, and many of these have come directly at your request. The work of the Su Misura Specialist is mainly to listen to the suggestions and expectations of whoever comes to them, in order to create what the client needs most on a one to onebasis. It’s not so much “I would like an overcoat with this sleeve or this collar”, but more “I would like an overcoat that shows-off the shoulders, that doesn't emphasize the abdomen, etc...”.

In the next section we concentrate, instead, on the question of fabrics. Warm, luxurious, lightweight, colorful. Truly, for every need.

See you soon!


Cappotto sartoriale su misura
Cappotto sartoriale
Cappotto sartoriale dettaglio
Cappotto Su Misura

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