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Does an etiquette for wedding clothing exist? Of course, and it helps to create the right atmosphere for an unforgettable event. Discover our decalogue of good manners.

The time has come to say enough with the rules of fake etiquette where “one must marry in a morning coat and all wedding guests must be in a morning coat”. In any case, it is a beautiful and scenic choice, but one that must be made wisely. With awareness of one’s self and one’s tastes, aware of the guests and their tastes. The golden rule of etiquette is to put guests at ease, creating an unforgettable event for the attendees.
And here are some pearls of wisdom from our Bespoke Specialists that we would like to share with you after having dressed both grooms and guests for more than a decade:

1. Don’t force invitees to follow a specific dress code,unless you are sure that it reflects their personality and their budget. If you really can’t avoid it, you should take care of the final cost, at least for the grooms men and close relatives.

2. The groom must choose a suit in line with the mood of the ceremony and with the bride’s gown in order to create as harmonious situation as possible.

3. The tuxedo is not used for weddings. Both true and false. There are many models similar to the classic tuxedo that are also perfect for weddings, even day weddings. And if the choice falls to the classic model, see point number two, which is the only limit to creativity.

4. The morning coat is the wedding outfit par excellence. True, but it’s not the only one, and does not impose anything on the guests.

5. The morning coat tends to shorten the figure. Completely false, because its particular model tends to slim the figure. Try it for yourself.

6. The classic suit is not ideal for weddings. False, see point number 2. Weddings are made up of choices between the nuptial couple, and the classic suit, perhaps with a vest, always displays its charm.

7. Make space for the details. The stitching of a garment, the internal lining, the button, the lapels, are all elements that add an incalculable final value.

8. The grooms men must reflect the decisive mood of the groom. If the groom opts for a classic suit, obviously the grooms men should not wear a morning coat or tails. The same goes for the rest of the invitees.

9. The grooms men and closest relatives (fathers, brothers) are particularly visible, therefore they must be as attentive to their outfits as the groom.

10. The invitees have a wider choice. Based on their role in the ceremony or the mood, they can opt for a more relaxed but never casual outfit. The use of a jacket, even in the form of suit separates, is always recommended to pay respect to the event.

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